Chilean Cabernet Sauv. Ultra Reserve 18 Lb Box

Chilean Cabernet Sauv. Ultra Reserve 18 Lb Box
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Our Single Vineyard /Ultra Reserve  will be a selection of particular blocks from the best vineyards in Apalta, Alto Maipo

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon offers a unique combination of New World and Old World flavors. The best examples combine modern, fruit-driven personalities with nuances of earth, minerals and spice. In fact, like France, Chile has specific wine appellations.

Estimated Arrival: April/May 2017

1 Box yields approximately 1.25 Gal finished wine

All grapes to be picked up from Bev Art on arrival date.  Crushing available on arrival date only.  Grapes that are not picked up will be crushed, sulfited, and inoculated with yeast for customer pickup to ensure quality of grapes.

Grape prices include Illinois Sales Tax.

Here is a note from our Chilean supplier

We harvest the grapes from prime areas of Chile such as Colchagua, Maipo, and Aconcagua.   Wine magazines will detail the higher quality wines that are from these areas.   The grapes usually sold in the US are from Familia Sagrada in CURICO.  An example of the wines from here are Miguel Torres, good value wines, but not the quality of ours We harvest at optimum flavor development which includes better sugars and fruit development.  Our grapes are picked at the time our winery partners pick for their own wines.  We dont pick our grapes at the same time, for example, the Merlot will typically be ready up to 4 weeks in advance of the Cabernet Sauv, and  we give the Carmenere even longer hang time.  


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