Shop Fresh Grapes & Juice

By popular demand we are bringing is a limited supply of fresh Chilean grapes. Please place your orders right away since our shipments are set to come in by May 15th and have a very limited supply. We select grapes from only top quality wine producing areas that are used for our commercial wine program.   When they ship from out we will notify you of delivery time.  All grapes must be picked up on delivery to Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery located at 9030 S. Hermitage Ave Chicago IL. to insure quality. 

    Grapes are sold in 16lb boxes.  Each box will yield approximately 1.25 gallons finished wine.  

    Discounts apply only to amounts of the SAME VARIETAL - NO MIXED - LOTS DISCOUNTS.

    Illinois & Chicago food tax 2.25% applied to all grape & juice purchases.