IM Hard Pink Lemonade

  • Item #: HAR050

Hard Pink Lemonade has flavors of freshly squeezed lemons that make for a classic taste of pink lemonade with a kick. Cocktails are a great complement to summertime BBQ’s, just in time for patio season. These hard lemonades have been very popular. These hard lemonades are great summertime refreshers, they can be bottled like wine or even kegged and force carbonated. These aren't just for wine makers. Any homebrewer with a draught system can serve these carbonated, emulating the "hard" products they were designed to be. The Hard Pink Lemonade wine kit comes with all the ingredients needed to make six gallons of finished wine. Approximately thirty 750 ml bottles of great tasting summer bliss! Add 4 lbs of Corn Sugar to increase the ABV to 11%

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