Mailed Brewing Class Gift Certificate

Mailed Brewing Class Gift Certificate
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This is a Gift Certificate for 2 people to attend a Bev Art Brewing Class and make 5 Gallons of beer together.  This certificate covers class fee, a standard recipe ingredient kit, and bottles.

Standard Recipes - Stout, Porter, Red Ale, Kolsch, Hefeweizen, Blone Ale, Brown Ale, Belgian Wit, Pale Ale, Amber Ale.

Optional Upgrades - Premium Recipes, Custom Labels

Premium Recipes - IPA, Imperial IPA, Imperial Stout, Belgian Golden Ale, Belgian Saison, Belgian Tripel

Stock Labels - Labels for your beer bottles chosen from stock pictures

Custom Labels - Create a custom label for your beer, and we will print it for you


The certificate is shipped in a box with a labeled emplty beer bottle as a presentable gift, shipping charges apply.

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