Valentines Crush - Winemaking Experience & Dinner 6:30 PM 02/14

Valentines Crush - Winemaking Experience & Dinner 6:30 PM 02/14
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You can make your lover a wine for Valentine's this year that can be cellared and enjoyed for years to come. Sinha Brazilian restaurant will prepare a gourmet dinner from for lovers with foods to get your love flowing. The Grape Stomping Contest will see which couple is the juiciest ! Each couple will make their very own vat of wine (25 to 30 bottles) from that can range from Whites, Reds, Fruit wines and Dessert wines. We are opening it up to Mead making also. Mead, the drink of love, and wine tastings are included with other drinks available at our tasting room bar. Live music and dance lessons from the top band Rio Bamba Brazilian jazz band will finish up the night. Doors open at 6:30 PM with a wine blending session for couples to taste and blend wines. Once a blend is perfected the wine is bottled and corked to take home that night. Winemaking starts at 7:30PM couples will make a vat of wine to ferment in our fermentation room to bottle 6 to 10 weeks later. $125.00 per person price includes the wine blending session, winemaking experience, dinner and bottling session at a later date. Supplies and varietal juice are an additional cost. Varietal Juice Ranges from $84.95 to $199.00. Bottles can be purchased new or clean used bottles can be brought in at bottling date. Each batch produces 25 to 30 bottles.

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               Make your wine choice as soon as possible for best selection. Wine ingredient packages can be chosen through the link below.  Note:  If the event is less than 10 Days away, we cannot guarantee that your particular chosen package will be in stock for the event, in which case we will contact you to choose an alternative.  When ordering on line, choose in-store pick-up on shipping preferences. That way you will not be billed for shipping. Your wine ingredient kit will be reserved for you for the event-YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO ACTUALLY PICKUP THE KIT 


     Now it is time to choose your wine.  Choose from below or click here to see the expanded selection - Your wine will be held at the event for you.



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