Wild Blossom Beekeeping Class

Wild Blossom Beekeeping Class
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Wild Blossom will be holding Beginning Beekeeping classes starting 4/12/2021.  Four classes will be held each Monday from 7:00 -8:30 at Wild Blossom Winery and Meadery at 9030 S. Hermitage, Chicago. 

Our Beginning Beekeeping instruction takes you from the basics to the realities of managing an urban beehive. You'll learn about honeybee anatomy and life cycle, bee stings, honey and other resources from the hive, common pests and diseases such as how to deal with varroa mites, hive equipment and how to use each piece, seasonal management, how to harvest honey, how bees make honey, wax, and what they do with propolis, the crucial role honeybees play in pollinating our food and why they are vital to a self-sustainable lifestyle.  We have been raising bees for over 40 years and show you how to be successful in raising healthy bees and get good honey yields. 

Suggested equipment:
Bees and a mated queen, two brood boxes with 20 frames, two medium supers with 20 frames, telescoping lid with inner cover, bottom board with reducer, queen excluder, smoker, hive tool, bee brush, cotton coverall bee suit with veil, and goatskin gloves.
Wild Blossom Will have Nuc hive available May 1st at $175.00. each

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